You’ve Got To Make Money Before You Can Share It Around

Earlier in the year I got in an argument with one of my father’s friends about politics after he used to phrase “you’ve got to make money before you can share it around.” Now if you’re imagining that this utterance was something as cliche as being from a Fine Gael supporting former bank manager in conversation after a rugby match, well you’re pretty much on the mark.

He was a kindly man,

but oh so pragmatic.

He would help the poor,

of that he was emphatic.

You’ve got to make money

before you can share it around.

If you know about finance,

you’ll know his reasoning’s sound.

So he counts all his pennies,

as they flow in and flow out,

waiting until he has enough,

to end his charitable drought.

This year he has a surplus,

but could do with a new car,

a new deck in the garden,

and in the basement a bar.

So he’ll wait until next year,

when he has money again,

when he’ll want a kitchen extension

and truffles in Ardennes.

On it goes year upon year,

he falls into these traps.

While the poor remain ignored,

and left to his scraps.