Repeal The Eighth

This Saturday the 24th of September I will be attending the fifth annual march for choice in Dublin. I encourage anyone able to go to join me in demanding a referendum on abortion in Ireland.  The referendum which  banned abortion took place in 1983, four years before I was born, and I’m getting on. Since then a large part of the current electorate was born and a large part of those who voted in 1983 have become ineligible to vote due to being very much dead. This generation needs to get its say.


This country’s not what it was in the eighties,

Mother Mary’s stopped wandering,

Priests have gotten caught fondling,

and single mothers walk the streets as they please.

Our opinions and ideals have progressed,

Church power has been repressed

and gays can marry with relative ease.

We’re a country in need of a referendum,

on abortion rights without addendum,

for those living to decide their own decrees.

This is our country as much as the older’s,

yet their replies are so much bolder,

that the decision’s long since made.

But not with my voice,

my mind, my heart, my choice,

my opinion has not been weighed.

It’s time to bring an end to this debate,

Repeal the  eighth .