The Preacher

There is an awful tendency amongst holy men to profit from the piety of their followers. Whether it be the farcical extremes of wealth preachers like Joel Osteen, the vulgarly opulent lifestyles which Catholic Bishops are repeatedly caught indulging in, or the more moderate Mercedes-Benz and townhouse lifestyles of inner city pastors. There is a lot more to be said on the mechanics of this, being a phenomenon filled with patchy greys of every shade, but in it’s most simple this is deplorable.


The Preacher went from town to town,

offering salvation to all who drown.

Taking from all who rue their fate,

but their offerings could never sate.

Every Sunday their tithes he weighed,

and demanded more to him was paid.

More and more his greed knew no end,

the poor for themselves were left to fend.

They laboured sweating and broken backed,

struggling to make up for what they lacked.

While he stood and preached salvation,

offering the gathered their emancipation,

from the ebb and flow of earthly woes,

and to deliver them at Heaven’s toes.

But with cold heart he ignored their suffers,

and turned to count the silver in his coffers.


There’s Never A Good Time

If 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, has thought us anything this week it’s that there never is a right time, place or way to protest against something people are comfortable with. If you do have the bravery to stand up (or in this case sit down) for what you believe in not only will your methods but also your earnestness shall be called into question.


It’s never the right time,

for political demonstration,

there’s always a reason,

wrong method, wrong season.

Intentions thrown into doubt,

you never say what you mean,

without political clout.

Race riots are pure yobbery,

not about the political robbery,

that disenfranchises,

entire races, communities,

and steals opportunities.

Always the question,

why are they speaking up now?

Why threaten the sacred cow?

Must be to do with publicity,

nothing to do with financial security,

or the groundswell of humanity,

giving you the bravery,

to stand against the insanity.

I Think Football Has No Place In Western Society

It pisses me off that anything wrong a Muslim person does, especially in the case of sexual assaults,  gets blamed on Islam. So I decided to use the usual arguments against Islam against Football, and guess what they fit perfectly! Sex crime is a wider society issue which has to be tackled in all corners not just scapegoated. That just makes people feel better about themselves without having to admit where they may have contributed to the problem.


It’s not that I think footballers are bad,

I just think football culture itself is evil.

I mean just look at what it does to a lad,

leaves them with an attitude medieval.

They mostly recruit boys who are poor,

shower them with fame and riches.

Then with locker room talk will implore,

that they treat women like bitches.

Not only players but managers,

have been caught misbehaving.

Many legal challengers,

with the law had too close a shaving.

Adam Johnson a player for Sunderland,

and Chelsea manager Graham Rix,

both found themselves on remand,

for grooming and underage sex.

Craig Thomson while playing for Hearts,

messaged two girls, twelve and fourteen,

made reference to their private parts,

until the day the law had to intervene.

Then there’s that Sheffield United scorer,

his name splashed across every paper,

The committer of the hotel horror,

Ched Evans* the Rhyl raper.

Remember the Reading academy boys,

who took two girls just twelve years old ,

treated their immature bodies like toys,

unafraid of the truth being told.

And why should they be?

The law’s afraid to prosecute,

they all walked free,

no judge wants to convict wearers of the boot.

So go on get rid of football,

the sport’s clearly what’s at fault,

without it this wouldn’t happen at all.

Ban Football to bring sex crime to a halt.




*Who since his conviction has been voted by fans into the Sheffield Utd. Hall Of Fame and has had fans singing songs which ridicule his victim. Could you imagine what would happen if Muslims did something similar? The Daily Mail would print nothing but that story for the next five years.




Henchmen Are People Too

He burns and mars,
and cuts, and murders.
Leaving men with scars,
homes without fathers.

The crowd whooping and cheering,
on their feet punch the air,
as the hero beats henchmen
– a species now quite rare.

He stalks and prowls,
now growing closer,
snarls and growls,
eyes growing bolder.

Bursts into the room,
door blown asunder.
Villain senses doom,
Punches hit like thunder

Villain left alive,
A hero so righteous.
Seems a henchman’s life
– doesn’t matter the slightest.