Aftermath November 2016

Yesterday Donald Trump officially became the president elect of the United States of America. As terrifying a prospect as this is it is not the time to assign blame on white people (where it belongs) as that wastes precious time and energy which will be needed in the coming years… and I would also like to put some of the blame the Maya for getting lazy and leaving their calendar at 2012, a little heads up would’ve been nice guys (end of the world’s looking pretty good right about now eh?). Now is the time to think about what can be done to improve people’s lives both in the US and the rest of the world while hampered with a giant man-baby POTUS and a fundamentalist christian VP who looks like repressed sexuality turned human.


We’ve been shaken from our sleep,

to find ourselves in a garbage heap.

It is one entirely of our own making,

piled high as we strayed from waking.

Now it is up to us to decide,

whether to take action or to hide.

Hide beneath discarded-

washing machines and household waste,

and other flotsam of our society’s haste.

Or gather-

discarded metals to form the girders of our schools,

take from old devices their useful tools,

clear the land by reusing discarded plastic,

and find new uses for forsaken elastic.

Just as recycling can find for trash its new uses,

we can find new purposes for politics’ abuses.


Trump Knew Something?

I wrote this a few days ago after reading an article about Trump’s campaign acknowledging Obama was born in the US. It’s just a quick crack at Trump’s ignorance. I really don’t have the energy to go into this “Hillary started it” nonsense. If you have a petulant child with crumbs on its face it’s fairly obvious the dog isn’t the reason the cookie jar’s empty.


So Trump knew Obama was American,

now that comes as a surprise,

not that he was ready and willing,

to spread his many lies,

But that he knew anything at all,

who thought that would arise?

Forgiving Kevin Sorbo

It seems Kevin Sorbo isn’t too impressed with atheists, claiming them to be angry and hateful, which is ironic because from my side, as an atheist, I often see Christians as angry and hateful. I guess this is just what happens when you reduce people to a single facet placed in a confrontational context. Even though I understand the reasons for his disposition towards the faithless, I would rather he didn’t see all atheists as angry and hateful. After all I grew up watching him as Hercules and Captain Dylan Hunt in series that really have not withstood the test of time but none-the-less were and still are  a big part of my life (Andromeda on Pick 8PM weekday nights!). So in an attempt to endear myself, and hopefully other atheists by extension, to Mr. Sorbo I have penned a poem on that most christian of virtues, forgiveness.


Do you know the actor Kevin Sorbo?

His hair, a thick luxuriant Lion’s mane,

like Ken from Street Fighter II turbo.

His chiseled, muscular frame,

and middling good looks of a TV actor.


How he played the great Hercules,

and the evils he would confront.

How he fought the Achilles,

as high guard Captain Dylan Hunt

Or his role as Kull The Conqueror.


But what is he doing these days?

Calling atheists angry and hateful,

and giving Donald Trump praise.*

Though I find this regretful,

I cannot become a Sorbo detractor.


I, an angry hateful atheist,

shall borrow his christian whim,

from the sin of ignorance he be released,

and I shall endeavour to forgive him,

for Kevin Sorbo has the x factor.


*Not so much praise as ‘between a rock and a hard place, Trump over Clinton.’ Still no Kevin, no.

Melting Waxwork Whoopee-Cushion Seeks Similar For Voting And Maybe More

A loudmouth racist cunt,

joined by a melted barbie-doll Forest Gump.

Common decency he’ll affront,

as he drags public discourse to the dump.

The vulnerable and marginalised face the brunt,

as he feeds xenophobia and bigotry until it’s plump.


He portrays himself an astute man,

though he filed four times for bankruptcy.

Wants to build a wall to keep out the Mexican,

even children who from slaughter have to flee.

He shouts out “make America great again”,

while he shits on the poor with smirking glee.


He shouts “beware of Islam!”

that they want to kill you and your family too.

He slathers his lies like racist balm,

beware this man, nothing he says is true.

Every crudely crafted word a scam,

count yourself warned of this bitch’s brew.



An awful child on a rampage,

with plenty of hate to pump.

He panders with fear-mongering rage,

to the delusional bumpkin chump.

So who is this evil outrage?

Of course it’s Donald fucking Trump.