The Decline of News Media

Is it any wonder that the old guard of News Media is panicked for it’s future at the moment? The internet has come along and brought with it easy access to multiple sources of news and relatively easy access to primary sources. This has ripped open the editorialising of Broadcast and Print Media. Their biases and editorial decisions can be easily discerned with a rudimentary google search. This has eroded trust in them and lead to a decline in readership and viewership. Their reaction to this, rather than to clean themselves up, has been to double down, add in flashy new graphics, seek alternative and often sleazy sources of income (native marketing) and cut funding to investigative journalism the one thing still providing any kind of justification for their existence. So I say fuck ’em. Clean up or clear out.


Is any wonder, that the news media is dying,

when time and time and time again,

they’re caught out lying.

Wearing all their biases, clearly on their wrists,

support for all the powerful,

and death to any who resists.

But the emperor’s prick is showing, flapping in the wind,

and I tell you it’s no wonder,

newspapers are getting binned.

News relies on trust, and dies when it’s gone,

but they never learn a thing,

going on and on.

Keeping hidden agendas, and beholden to wealthy owners,

news is not paid for by readers,

but by private donors.

So if you cannot trust them, to provide what’s true,

what use are they any way?

Fuck ’em, let’s find something new.



Do We Dare Take A Bite Of The Apple?

Apple have been caught with both hands and even a foot in the cookie jar. Michael Noonan, ever ready to hand over as much of the Irish economy as he can to american private interests, has been giving Apple a tax deal that goes beyond taking the piss. A tax rate of 0.005% is of such a ridiculous order that one can only presume that Tim Cook has cast some kind of Draculaesque enthralling spell on our slapheaded minister for finance. There are worries that without these deals they will up and run taking jobs with them, but let’s face the fact they are still better off here than anywhere else. Our standard rate of corporate tax is lower than any other OECD country by a long shot. Their threats to leave are threats, it’s time we all admit that we can’t see the Emperors new cloths but we can see an arsehole.


Listen to international companies,

they boast of such great power.

The ability to move jobs-

across national boundaries

and make governments cower.

Be thankful that we’ve come here,

that we’ve blessed you with these jobs.

But to our demands you must adhere,

no matter how much from the exchequer-

our sweetheart tax deal robs.

But what they never tell you,

and this his stone carved fact,

they are all bound to do,

whatever keeps profits intact.

Whether one-hundred-million,

or a single measly cent,

unlike the moral civilian,

profits dictate their bent.

Listen to Tim Cook,

how he softens his tune,

listen to the cheeky fuck,

he knows moving elsewhere-

would make for his profit’s ruin.


There’s Never A Good Time

If 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, has thought us anything this week it’s that there never is a right time, place or way to protest against something people are comfortable with. If you do have the bravery to stand up (or in this case sit down) for what you believe in not only will your methods but also your earnestness shall be called into question.


It’s never the right time,

for political demonstration,

there’s always a reason,

wrong method, wrong season.

Intentions thrown into doubt,

you never say what you mean,

without political clout.

Race riots are pure yobbery,

not about the political robbery,

that disenfranchises,

entire races, communities,

and steals opportunities.

Always the question,

why are they speaking up now?

Why threaten the sacred cow?

Must be to do with publicity,

nothing to do with financial security,

or the groundswell of humanity,

giving you the bravery,

to stand against the insanity.

Health Industry Quackery

You have to admit the health foods industry is rather impressive. They manage to exploit the science to spread anti-science. They use mildly scientific language to convince people of nonsense like the water bottle above. Though they do also just make wild claims like bell peppers cure cancer (they don’t, oncologists do). It never ceases to amase me how the health foods industry can come up with new products so regularly. So here’s a few of the dafter claims.


You have to beware of these toxins,

in non-organically farmed foods.

Don’t let yourself be boxed in,

by scientifically literate attitudes.

Just don’t ask us to name them,

see a name you don’t understand,

that’s enough for you to condemn,

and campaign to have them banned.

Beware the evils of processed food,

they will only make fat and dead,

eat organic sugar and obesity elude,

eat organic to stop that waistline spread!*

Processed foods raise the ph in your body,

they don’t just make you fat,

high acidity makes you feel shoddy,

Avocado Wolfe has the cure for that.**

This water has the memory,

of a long lost drop of onion juice,

and will cure your gonorrhea,

when applied with chippings of spruce.***

Want a nice natural remedy,

for asthma and seasonal allergies.

essential oils will cure that malady,

and help you control those calories.****

You could even go Gluten Free.

That’ll shave off the pounds,

friends will say “fuck me!”

and you used to be so round!*****

…or you could practice self restraint,

seek advice of medical professionals,

who actually know elbow from taint,


and not internet charlatans and delusionals.





*Amongst the many ridiculous claims of Vani Hari (Food Babe).

** No he fucking doesn’t! Do not raise the ph of your body, it can literally kill you! David Wolfe is full of shit.

*** Not actually the “natural cure” for gonorrhea but would be about as effective. I’ve added a link to one of the many pages claiming to have a cure for gonorrhea but DO NOT, I repeat DO FUCKING NOT use this as a cure for gonorrhea, if you think you have an STI contact a medical professional. For anyone in Dublin who feels they can’t afford private care the Guide Clinic in St. James’ Hospital is free. Please go there before opting to rub aloe vera on your junk.

**** If you have asthma, allergies or any respiratory problems please see a doctor, and if your kids have them don’t get any pissing eucalyptus, try and find the source of the allergic reaction. You may have to consider getting rid of the cat.

***** If you have not been diagnosed by a medical professional as being celiac don’t claim to be. If you think you are, get it checked out you can genuinely be hospitalised, and if it turns out you’re not don’t pretend you are in a restaurant. You’re co-opting a genuine illness. It’s like keeping a wheelchair in your car so you can use a handicapped parking space. It’s shitty.

Forgiving Kevin Sorbo

It seems Kevin Sorbo isn’t too impressed with atheists, claiming them to be angry and hateful, which is ironic because from my side, as an atheist, I often see Christians as angry and hateful. I guess this is just what happens when you reduce people to a single facet placed in a confrontational context. Even though I understand the reasons for his disposition towards the faithless, I would rather he didn’t see all atheists as angry and hateful. After all I grew up watching him as Hercules and Captain Dylan Hunt in series that really have not withstood the test of time but none-the-less were and still are  a big part of my life (Andromeda on Pick 8PM weekday nights!). So in an attempt to endear myself, and hopefully other atheists by extension, to Mr. Sorbo I have penned a poem on that most christian of virtues, forgiveness.


Do you know the actor Kevin Sorbo?

His hair, a thick luxuriant Lion’s mane,

like Ken from Street Fighter II turbo.

His chiseled, muscular frame,

and middling good looks of a TV actor.


How he played the great Hercules,

and the evils he would confront.

How he fought the Achilles,

as high guard Captain Dylan Hunt

Or his role as Kull The Conqueror.


But what is he doing these days?

Calling atheists angry and hateful,

and giving Donald Trump praise.*

Though I find this regretful,

I cannot become a Sorbo detractor.


I, an angry hateful atheist,

shall borrow his christian whim,

from the sin of ignorance he be released,

and I shall endeavour to forgive him,

for Kevin Sorbo has the x factor.


*Not so much praise as ‘between a rock and a hard place, Trump over Clinton.’ Still no Kevin, no.

Has Black Lives Matter Made Progress?

It was depressing to see Charles Kinsey, a therapist trying to calm and console a patient with autism getting shot. It’s just so revealing of where things are at that it was a more a relief than anything else. It was just nice to see a story where a black man gets shot by police and lives to tell the tale. Still there was no reason why Charles Kinsey should’ve been shot. A man lying on his back, hands in the air, looking a lot like uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and explaining that he’s a behaviour therapist, is not a threat. The circumstances are almost farcical. What does a black man have to do to not get shot in america?


Charles Kinsey’s rather lucky…

not to have been shot of course.

By sharp shooting officer Plucky,

and his excessive show of force.

Following apparent police guidelines,

Pointing a gun at a suicidal man,

as phones point from the sidelines,

capturing the moments of this “master plan”.

“Don’t shoot yourself or I’ll shoot you”,

the message from Miami’s elite.

Probably haven’t thought this through,

is it too hot to think in that Florida heat?

Still one must admire those Southern Manners,

aiming for the leg, not chest or head.

I’m just glad to see the newspaper banners,

saying black man shot, but not dead.



Wishing Charles Kinsey a full and speedy recovery.

No Justice For White Men

Let’s face the facts, Tony Blair is a murdered with the blood of hundreds of thousands on his hands. He lied to the British public and dragged them unwillingly into a war which has  completely destabilised the Middle-East, and lead to the deaths and displacement of millions. He was well warned of the consequences of his actions. There is no hindsight’s 20-20 here, it was shouted from the rooftops and now all he can say is “I express more sorrow, regret and apology than you will ever believe.” Though he is right, we will never believe him because frankly the fact he has the audacity to not only show his face in public but campaign in referenda shows he lacks the most basic aptitude for self-reflection.


Blair’s dead soulless eyes,

dart like a startled rabbit,

as he compounds lies with lies.

“I was fooled, I didn’t plan it”

“Reports said they were there;

Weapons of mass destruction”

Yet every child could swear,

it was a false construction.

“I believe the world is better,”

despite the opposing evidence.

Belief is to truth a debtor,

and to cheap lies a residence.

But even Sir John Chilcot,

despite his hands being tied,

threw everything he’s got,

and to his face, “Blair you lied.”

This war of aggression,

was illegal, unwarranted,

a product of his obsession,

and a public he misled.

Yet not all of them, no.

The largest anti-war march,

in the history of Britain,

was not enough to throw,

him from that which,

to Bush he had written.

His pledge, proof of his hunger,

for this cruel endeavour.

The words of this was monger?

“I am with you, whatever”

Yet with his political clout,

all can  easily foresee,

it is without a single doubt,

that Tony Blair will walk away free.


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