Ireland A Political Summary In Six-Line Abuse Format.

Fianna Fáil
have eyes on the Dáil,
where they used to sit.

A history of corruption,
without interruption.
I don’t trust the fuckers one bit.

Fine Gael
as a government fail,
sat in their ivory tower.

Continue with Irish water,
like lambs to the slaughter.
Their future’s looking quite dour.

The Labour Party,
formerly so hearty.
Now known for treachery

Fucked the poor,
with delusions of grandeur.
Caught up with political lechery.

Sinn Féin
as a party remain,
steeped in a chequered past.

In power untested.
It may be suspected
in government they too will shaft.

The poor ol’ Green Party,
for the sake of stability,
stayed in unpopular parliament.

Of two parties treated the worst,
But still they hunger and thirst
to save the environment.

The many parties of Irish Socialists,
renowned for outspokenness,
rarely listen in debate.

Always screaming injustice,
claiming they’re the poultice,
but with the electorate they rarely rate.

The Social Democrats,
hopefully not political acrobats,
like the other cute whores.

Ideas abundant,
but entirely redundant,
without the power election assures.

Look at Renua,
don’t let them fool ya,
they’re no different from the rest.

Cold and opportunistic,
with policies characteristic
of those without empathy blessed.

The Anti-Austerity Alliance
move forth in defiance
of agreement with the IMF.

A ninety billion euro loan
left many without home.
Yet all others remain deaf.