Aftermath November 2016

Yesterday Donald Trump officially became the president elect of the United States of America. As terrifying a prospect as this is it is not the time to assign blame on white people (where it belongs) as that wastes precious time and energy which will be needed in the coming years… and I would also like to put some of the blame the Maya for getting lazy and leaving their calendar at 2012, a little heads up would’ve been nice guys (end of the world’s looking pretty good right about now eh?). Now is the time to think about what can be done to improve people’s lives both in the US and the rest of the world while hampered with a giant man-baby POTUS and a fundamentalist christian VP who looks like repressed sexuality turned human.


We’ve been shaken from our sleep,

to find ourselves in a garbage heap.

It is one entirely of our own making,

piled high as we strayed from waking.

Now it is up to us to decide,

whether to take action or to hide.

Hide beneath discarded-

washing machines and household waste,

and other flotsam of our society’s haste.

Or gather-

discarded metals to form the girders of our schools,

take from old devices their useful tools,

clear the land by reusing discarded plastic,

and find new uses for forsaken elastic.

Just as recycling can find for trash its new uses,

we can find new purposes for politics’ abuses.


Repeal The Eighth

This Saturday the 24th of September I will be attending the fifth annual march for choice in Dublin. I encourage anyone able to go to join me in demanding a referendum on abortion in Ireland.  The referendum which  banned abortion took place in 1983, four years before I was born, and I’m getting on. Since then a large part of the current electorate was born and a large part of those who voted in 1983 have become ineligible to vote due to being very much dead. This generation needs to get its say.


This country’s not what it was in the eighties,

Mother Mary’s stopped wandering,

Priests have gotten caught fondling,

and single mothers walk the streets as they please.

Our opinions and ideals have progressed,

Church power has been repressed

and gays can marry with relative ease.

We’re a country in need of a referendum,

on abortion rights without addendum,

for those living to decide their own decrees.

This is our country as much as the older’s,

yet their replies are so much bolder,

that the decision’s long since made.

But not with my voice,

my mind, my heart, my choice,

my opinion has not been weighed.

It’s time to bring an end to this debate,

Repeal the  eighth .




Trump Knew Something?

I wrote this a few days ago after reading an article about Trump’s campaign acknowledging Obama was born in the US. It’s just a quick crack at Trump’s ignorance. I really don’t have the energy to go into this “Hillary started it” nonsense. If you have a petulant child with crumbs on its face it’s fairly obvious the dog isn’t the reason the cookie jar’s empty.


So Trump knew Obama was American,

now that comes as a surprise,

not that he was ready and willing,

to spread his many lies,

But that he knew anything at all,

who thought that would arise?

No Justice For White Men

Let’s face the facts, Tony Blair is a murdered with the blood of hundreds of thousands on his hands. He lied to the British public and dragged them unwillingly into a war which has  completely destabilised the Middle-East, and lead to the deaths and displacement of millions. He was well warned of the consequences of his actions. There is no hindsight’s 20-20 here, it was shouted from the rooftops and now all he can say is “I express more sorrow, regret and apology than you will ever believe.” Though he is right, we will never believe him because frankly the fact he has the audacity to not only show his face in public but campaign in referenda shows he lacks the most basic aptitude for self-reflection.


Blair’s dead soulless eyes,

dart like a startled rabbit,

as he compounds lies with lies.

“I was fooled, I didn’t plan it”

“Reports said they were there;

Weapons of mass destruction”

Yet every child could swear,

it was a false construction.

“I believe the world is better,”

despite the opposing evidence.

Belief is to truth a debtor,

and to cheap lies a residence.

But even Sir John Chilcot,

despite his hands being tied,

threw everything he’s got,

and to his face, “Blair you lied.”

This war of aggression,

was illegal, unwarranted,

a product of his obsession,

and a public he misled.

Yet not all of them, no.

The largest anti-war march,

in the history of Britain,

was not enough to throw,

him from that which,

to Bush he had written.

His pledge, proof of his hunger,

for this cruel endeavour.

The words of this was monger?

“I am with you, whatever”

Yet with his political clout,

all can  easily foresee,

it is without a single doubt,

that Tony Blair will walk away free.


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The English and Welsh have really outdone themselves on the stupidity stakes today, and, considering the age profile of the leave voters, have heaped yet more evidence on the pile for the baby-boomers being “the worst generation.”


Well done Britain,

hope you’re proud of what you’ve done,

every man and woman.

Say goodbye to the NHS.

Weren’t you listening to the Eaton Mess?

Gove wrote a book about it,

and like an ignorant twit,

you lot went for bust,

and decided that this was a man you could trust.

Or was it Worzel Gummidge?

perhaps it was that chummy,

haunted ventriloquist’s dummy,

that sold you on the economic game of chicken,

with which you’re now stricken.

The effects of which will affect us all,


but we shall stand and alone you will fall.

So enjoy your fleeting dream,

and your callous Eatonian regime.

Just Do It Already

Sick of this will-they-won’t-they bullshit. The Ross and Rachel of Irish politics need to just get it on already! You may also notice a certain disdain for how much of Irish government is conducted in a pub. Not saying a couple of sneaky pints at lunch time is the worst thing in the world, just don’t do it when you’re  making decisions that directly impact upon the lives of millions.


Tuesday afternoon

even those from afar,

sit in the Dáil bar.

Glasses clinking,

politicians drinking,

plenty of noisy,

and very little thinking.

Kenny and Martin,

sit across the room,

blushing as love starts to bloom.

Eyelashes flutter,

faces fluster,

Noonan grabs Enda’s knee

and grumbles “maith an fear.”

The Healy-Raes briefly stutter,

mid two hour long sermon,

on why Kerrymaid is the best butter,

and determine,

“tsch! Would they ever get it over with?”

The barman sighs,

as Mick and Danny their speech reprise.

Off to the corner,

Eamonn Ryan’s brow furrows,

as he burrows,

through the jukebox’s goods,

for Back In The High Life Again by Steve Winwood,


and settles for Get Lucky,

as Catherine Martin gets plucky,

taps Stephen Donnelly’s shoulder,

slips behind and saddles at the bar,

as the fooled Donnelly begins to smolder.

The barman leaves the Healy-Raes,

gets her soda and lime,

relief on his face could be seen,

all the way from Ardamine.

Micháel and Enda,

circle now,

whispering sweet nothings,

of government agenda.

Micháel sweetly whispers,

“combine property tax and water charges,”

Enda coos “and cuts to social welfare,”

a jealous Joan storms to impair,

but gets caught by an angry Mary Lou,

who drags her back with a yank of the hair.

Shane Ross steers to interfere,

resulting in the loss of his beer.

Wallace and Daly take bets,

as the ladies shout threats,

and Adams reminds everyone,

that Sinn Féin is not linked to the IRA,

or even the army cadets.

The boys giggle and flush,

Enda toys with his hair,

Micháel regrets the lack of any up there.

With a whisper and a hush

the two exit in a rush.


And that’s how governments are formed in Ireland.

Panama Papers

Is anyone really surprised by the Panama Papers? I’m not, though the mischief Putin’s been up to is an extreme example, the antics of David Cameron and the wealthy in the west implicated in these documents show that while presenting a stern face to tax avoiders like Jimmy Carr the wealthy and politically powerful have been prising open tax regulations to allow this nonsense. Now watch them sacrifice a few pawns and leave these regulations wide open.


The wealthy avoid taxes,

and as our indignity waxes,

they will sacrifice pawns,

waiting on public yawns.

Then the Panama Papers,

will disappear like vapors.

Systems which allow evasion,

will stand without alteration.

Then obscured from sight,

will be strengthened by the right.

While we all sit distracted,

by how Miley Cyrus acted,

because we do not care,

about what is just or fair.

Just simple distraction,

and easy satisfaction.

We get what we deserve,

no wonder they have the nerve,

to avoid paying their dues,

with rampant tax abuse.

No worry of states’ financing,

august brings Strictly Come Dancing,

X-Factor and Great British Bake Off.

So keep feeding at the trough,

while public services crumble,

because the exchequers takes are humble.

So stay huddled up in your squats,

the money’s better spent on their yachts.