Repeal The Eighth

This Saturday the 24th of September I will be attending the fifth annual march for choice in Dublin. I encourage anyone able to go to join me in demanding a referendum on abortion in Ireland.  The referendum which  banned abortion took place in 1983, four years before I was born, and I’m getting on. Since then a large part of the current electorate was born and a large part of those who voted in 1983 have become ineligible to vote due to being very much dead. This generation needs to get its say.


This country’s not what it was in the eighties,

Mother Mary’s stopped wandering,

Priests have gotten caught fondling,

and single mothers walk the streets as they please.

Our opinions and ideals have progressed,

Church power has been repressed

and gays can marry with relative ease.

We’re a country in need of a referendum,

on abortion rights without addendum,

for those living to decide their own decrees.

This is our country as much as the older’s,

yet their replies are so much bolder,

that the decision’s long since made.

But not with my voice,

my mind, my heart, my choice,

my opinion has not been weighed.

It’s time to bring an end to this debate,

Repeal the  eighth .





Trump Knew Something?

I wrote this a few days ago after reading an article about Trump’s campaign acknowledging Obama was born in the US. It’s just a quick crack at Trump’s ignorance. I really don’t have the energy to go into this “Hillary started it” nonsense. If you have a petulant child with crumbs on its face it’s fairly obvious the dog isn’t the reason the cookie jar’s empty.


So Trump knew Obama was American,

now that comes as a surprise,

not that he was ready and willing,

to spread his many lies,

But that he knew anything at all,

who thought that would arise?

Social Media Is Egotistical

So I saw this article a few days ago People who post their fitness routine to Facebook have psychological problems, study claims. It claims that people who post updates on their fitness regime are narcissists. This irked me, not because I think it’s wrong but more because it misses the entire point of social media. Everything you post on social media is narcissistic. Those pictures of your lunch, drinks in the airport, your lovely baby, your car, that highly interesting piece from the Economist, that pseudo-intellectual, quasi-political poetry… ahem.. all of it.


So sharing about your fitness is a sign of an unhealthy ego,

that maybe all too often your mother hugged you,

all those years ago.


It’s really not all that different

-from the rest of my Facebook wall.

Sunday brunch photographs, and diatribes on football.

Weekday holiday check-ins and cocktails by the pool.

and those club bathroom selfies grinning like a fool,

Boasts of doing Yoga and finding inner light,

and pictures of brand new cars, effusing in delight.

The “look at my cute baby, cuter than you know whose,”

and the “look at me I’m so fun, last night I drank this much booze.”

Couples showering each other with public displays of affection,

and attention grabbing statements begging for interjection.


You can’t separate ego and social media, they are one and the same.

So get back to sharing cat pics and quit with all the shame.

The Decline of News Media

Is it any wonder that the old guard of News Media is panicked for it’s future at the moment? The internet has come along and brought with it easy access to multiple sources of news and relatively easy access to primary sources. This has ripped open the editorialising of Broadcast and Print Media. Their biases and editorial decisions can be easily discerned with a rudimentary google search. This has eroded trust in them and lead to a decline in readership and viewership. Their reaction to this, rather than to clean themselves up, has been to double down, add in flashy new graphics, seek alternative and often sleazy sources of income (native marketing) and cut funding to investigative journalism the one thing still providing any kind of justification for their existence. So I say fuck ’em. Clean up or clear out.


Is any wonder, that the news media is dying,

when time and time and time again,

they’re caught out lying.

Wearing all their biases, clearly on their wrists,

support for all the powerful,

and death to any who resists.

But the emperor’s prick is showing, flapping in the wind,

and I tell you it’s no wonder,

newspapers are getting binned.

News relies on trust, and dies when it’s gone,

but they never learn a thing,

going on and on.

Keeping hidden agendas, and beholden to wealthy owners,

news is not paid for by readers,

but by private donors.

So if you cannot trust them, to provide what’s true,

what use are they any way?

Fuck ’em, let’s find something new.


Do We Dare Take A Bite Of The Apple?

Apple have been caught with both hands and even a foot in the cookie jar. Michael Noonan, ever ready to hand over as much of the Irish economy as he can to american private interests, has been giving Apple a tax deal that goes beyond taking the piss. A tax rate of 0.005% is of such a ridiculous order that one can only presume that Tim Cook has cast some kind of Draculaesque enthralling spell on our slapheaded minister for finance. There are worries that without these deals they will up and run taking jobs with them, but let’s face the fact they are still better off here than anywhere else. Our standard rate of corporate tax is lower than any other OECD country by a long shot. Their threats to leave are threats, it’s time we all admit that we can’t see the Emperors new cloths but we can see an arsehole.


Listen to international companies,

they boast of such great power.

The ability to move jobs-

across national boundaries

and make governments cower.

Be thankful that we’ve come here,

that we’ve blessed you with these jobs.

But to our demands you must adhere,

no matter how much from the exchequer-

our sweetheart tax deal robs.

But what they never tell you,

and this his stone carved fact,

they are all bound to do,

whatever keeps profits intact.

Whether one-hundred-million,

or a single measly cent,

unlike the moral civilian,

profits dictate their bent.

Listen to Tim Cook,

how he softens his tune,

listen to the cheeky fuck,

he knows moving elsewhere-

would make for his profit’s ruin.