Sure Aren’t They Great Having The Craic Over There In France

Over the past two weeks the Euros have been in full swing and the Irish football fans have been making a name for themselves as being a great bunch all together. We as a nation have taken an inordinate amount of pride in their antics and I’ll admit I do too… the only problem is I can’t help see the hypocrisy of it all. Remove the football and this is the behaviour we whinge about every paddy’s day. This is the Irish drinking culture, it’s chaotic, good natured and fun or it’s loud, belligerent and a shame to society. We have to make the decision. A football tournament is not a loophole, and in my opinion we don’t need a loophole.


We’re so proud of our fans in France,

out havin’ the craic, a sing and a dance.

Their good-natured fun an example to all fans,

unlike the thuggish English or the Russians.

Watch their tone deaf serenading  of ladies,

and haphazard lullabying of babies.

Changing tires for elderly motorists,

crowd surfing confused cyclists,

through joyous, revelling throngs.

Singing and chanting and cheering gendarmes.

The papers are in love, they can’t get enough,

yet on other occasions have no time for this stuff.

Take away the football and it’s Paddy’s day,

and newspapers reactions are “what an awful display.”

We drink too much, such a shame to the nation,

this is not the sober austere of Eamonn de Valera’s imagination.

Stop all the taps, close all the pubs,

alcohol should be reserved for skimmed knee rubs!

Oh what a shame, what will other countries think!?

What will tourists say when they see us with a drink!?

So go on fans, off into the world to spread the craic,

but don’t a single one of you dare think of bringing that fucker back!




The English and Welsh have really outdone themselves on the stupidity stakes today, and, considering the age profile of the leave voters, have heaped yet more evidence on the pile for the baby-boomers being “the worst generation.”


Well done Britain,

hope you’re proud of what you’ve done,

every man and woman.

Say goodbye to the NHS.

Weren’t you listening to the Eaton Mess?

Gove wrote a book about it,

and like an ignorant twit,

you lot went for bust,

and decided that this was a man you could trust.

Or was it Worzel Gummidge?

perhaps it was that chummy,

haunted ventriloquist’s dummy,

that sold you on the economic game of chicken,

with which you’re now stricken.

The effects of which will affect us all,


but we shall stand and alone you will fall.

So enjoy your fleeting dream,

and your callous Eatonian regime.

Sky News Sunday 12th

I’m still trying to get a bearing on what happened in Orlando on Sunday morningn, both emotionally and mentally. The situation touches on so many issues and fault lines, and is just such a pointless and brutal act that it’s hard to feel anything other than shock. Something I have managed to get a handle on though, is what happened on Sky News that night. Which was Owen Jones getting steam rolled and talked down to by  Mark Longhurst and Julia Hartley-Brewer as they attempted to appropriate the anger and sorrow of the LGBTQ community in a textbook example of cis white privilege.


The bodies have barely lost their heat,

the dance floor is still covered in blood,

and the snakes can’t help but to entreat,

and scramble to steal victimhood,

to steal the mantle of shock and sadness,

from the world’s LGTBQ community.

To spread more fear, hatred and madness.

the very fuel of this travesty, this tragedy,

this insult to humanity.