Marriage Equality May 23rd

On the 22nd of may last year I and a large majority of Irish people voted for everyone in Ireland to be able to marry whoever the hell they wanted. On the 23rd of may my eyes swelled with tears and my breast with pride for what we had done. If it wasn’t for the  2009 Grand Slam win in the Six Nations, I would never have been more proud to be Irish. So to celebrate that, here’s a few thoughts on marriage, love and love’s transcendence of gender.


What is a wedding?

A word? An event?

A holy ceremony full of feeling?

A tab of monies spent?




As I see,

to friends, to family,

to all below or above,

it’s nothing more than an announcement of love.


What is a marriage?

A contract?

A gilded carriage?

A constant reminder of freedom lacked?




As I see,

It’s work.

It’s hardship.

It’s not I, but we.

It’s joy.

It’s sadness.

It’s friendship.

It’s love.

It’s togetherness.


It’s love between two.

Regardless of any other adjective.

Not the agenda of the few.

Love and happiness is the only objective.

Love belongs to all,

and marriage the expression

of this emotion beyond oppression,

the most beautiful of all emotions

wider and deeper than all oceans,

belongs to all who it touches.


All who feel love,

all who give love.


On the 23rd of May 2015,

we gave love freedom,

to no longer demean,

with shapes strict and numb.

All love freed and celebrated,

no singular form sacred or elevated.

Love in it’s purest form

free to transform,

fear into joy,

sadness into contentment,

not for the few but for all.

For as we ditch old resentment,

we can allow another’s joy to enthrall,

and share in their happiness.

As one person’s joy adds to the whole,

makes us all better and fulfills the soul.

For to cheapen one love, cheapens them all,

and in place of joy will sadness install.

Though trough recognition

of loves many guises,

we allow success to its mission,

love for all, with no compromises.