US Foreign Policy The Hoarding Of Earth’s Wealth

I want to be clear here, this is not an attack on the United States but it is highly critical of their foreign policy which is destroying the world in the name of reckless self-interest. Not the self-interest of the american people but of industry and the wealthy who use the federal state to prey upon not only the world but the american people themselves.


The United States is not your friend,

you are only a means towards an end.

Self-interest is their only concern,

a fact their foreign policy makes easy to discern.

Tells everyone “you’re our special friend,

and with our lives your freedom we will defend.”

So let them build their military bases on your lands,

put your natural resources in their hands.

Don’t worry they’re here to stay,

even if elected government gets in their way.

Listen now they’re here to spread peace,

because everyone knows they’re global police.

Look at all their good work in Palestine,

backing Israel, on Arab lands they’ll dine.

In the UN Veto the two state solution,

send Israel weapons when they seek retribution.

Arm every dictator in the Middle East,

stoke tensions ’til hell’s released.

Recline on hard cash bathe in blood,

made wealthy, live flash, the going’s good.

Freedom of navigation operations in the south china sea,

wasting millions going head on with President Xi.

Reign in Chinese power for cheaper trade,

you know the US has profit to be made.

Waving dicks over the Bering Strait,

gotta get a fix of the old cold war hate.

Ramp up tensions over eastern Ukraine,

good intentions, not just Russian oil is a pain.

In Europe spy on closest friends.

not military, economic is their ends.

Bugged the offices of EU farming,

no concern for who EU’s arming.

National security replaced by industrial spying,

they want your gold, your cash and they ain’t lying.

They will do anything towards that end,

remember that next time they say they’re your friend.



Support The Luas Drivers Or Roll Over And Accept Unfair Wage Conditions Everywhere In Society

I’m in full fire and brimstone kicking ass and taking names mode over the Luas strikes, especially as many people whose opinions I respect have been spouting nonsense (well more often sharing nonsense on Facebook) about how Luas drivers are being greedy as they want to earn more than Doctors, Nurses, Guards, etc.. And I say to them here as I say anywhere, they are all underpaid. Begrudging the Luas drivers will only have the negative effect of keeping a standard of low pay in society. If the Luas drivers succeed it raises average wages and becomes a bargaining chip for everyone else.


So the Luas drivers don’t deserve a raise,

the McDonald’s workers in the US neither.

It should be reserved for those we praise,

like paramedics, nurses or fire fighters.

The same people you call scroungers,

when they strike themselves.

You reclined in your loungers,

should have at look at yourselves.

Everyone is underpaid but the one percent.

Yet you ignore those who suck away your pay,

demonise those who dissent.

“I don’t get paid enough so I begrudge any who may.”

Our government can pay for bankers,

let Apple, Amazon and Starbucks not pay tax,

but when it comes to our societies anchors,

Doctors, Police and Teachers it seems the budget always lacks.

The minimum wage has stagnated,

only changed for the first time in five years,

but its value has only degenerated,

Nine-fifteen an hour will hardly win any cheers.

It still stands at less than eighty percent,

of the Irish standard living wage.

Look at this everyday torment,

then tell me the Luas drivers are the real outrage.



I Think Football Has No Place In Western Society

It pisses me off that anything wrong a Muslim person does, especially in the case of sexual assaults,  gets blamed on Islam. So I decided to use the usual arguments against Islam against Football, and guess what they fit perfectly! Sex crime is a wider society issue which has to be tackled in all corners not just scapegoated. That just makes people feel better about themselves without having to admit where they may have contributed to the problem.


It’s not that I think footballers are bad,

I just think football culture itself is evil.

I mean just look at what it does to a lad,

leaves them with an attitude medieval.

They mostly recruit boys who are poor,

shower them with fame and riches.

Then with locker room talk will implore,

that they treat women like bitches.

Not only players but managers,

have been caught misbehaving.

Many legal challengers,

with the law had too close a shaving.

Adam Johnson a player for Sunderland,

and Chelsea manager Graham Rix,

both found themselves on remand,

for grooming and underage sex.

Craig Thomson while playing for Hearts,

messaged two girls, twelve and fourteen,

made reference to their private parts,

until the day the law had to intervene.

Then there’s that Sheffield United scorer,

his name splashed across every paper,

The committer of the hotel horror,

Ched Evans* the Rhyl raper.

Remember the Reading academy boys,

who took two girls just twelve years old ,

treated their immature bodies like toys,

unafraid of the truth being told.

And why should they be?

The law’s afraid to prosecute,

they all walked free,

no judge wants to convict wearers of the boot.

So go on get rid of football,

the sport’s clearly what’s at fault,

without it this wouldn’t happen at all.

Ban Football to bring sex crime to a halt.




*Who since his conviction has been voted by fans into the Sheffield Utd. Hall Of Fame and has had fans singing songs which ridicule his victim. Could you imagine what would happen if Muslims did something similar? The Daily Mail would print nothing but that story for the next five years.




Flying With Ryanair

I’ve just flown with Ryanair, so my natural reaction, as with anyone who has just flown with Ryanair, is to bitch about flying with Ryanair. I may need new knees but at least the flights were cheap!


I have something to declare,

I have just flown to Spain on Ryanair,

beside a rather large mare,

who took up much of my chair,

and had a little preflight prayer,

which of death made me very aware.


No space for long legs anywhere,

post flight knees needed medical care.

Aisle carpets run threadbare,

in flight food made from nightmare,

throughout the plane a general air of despair,

and in flight crap selling extraordinaire.


Though without the cheap airfare,

I wouldn’t even be going there.


Single February 14th

Happy Valentines day all! Here’s a particularly bleak number I managed to dredge up from an old refill pad from a few years ago. Enjoy!




I focus on presentation,

before many a libation,

and attempts at flirtation,

trying to relieve frustration,

in an act of desperation,

leading to devastation,

tears and masturbation.

Hot Hot Wings

So a few of my friends are looking to challenge the hottest wings in Dublin tonight. As I wont be there to support their struggle and laugh at their failure I wrote this in support.


The lads walk forth,

in awe of what they’re bought.

Dooley, Johnny and Luke,

eye their chicken with rebuke.

Wings hotter than a thousand suns,

shame and abuse to he who runs.

Who will survive this gauntlet from hell?

Only time will tell.

Everything Has Tits And Explosions In It These Days


In a break from the heavy stuff I’ve been doing over the past few weeks here’s my self-aggrandising ranting about how everyone tries to get me to watch a new show by telling me that there’s tits, explosions and attractive women in it. It’s such a common sales pitch that I’m questioning whether this is just what men are expected to like or if I give off the air of a sexually desperate arsonist!


Watch this it’s got tits and sex!

That one in it’s unbelievably fit,

imagine her all in latex,

I would  definitely tap that shit!


But what’s it about then?

Are the lines well written?

Is the lead actor dressed as a hen?

or perhaps a tragic three legged kitten?


Don’t be a smart arse,

it’s about Mongols or some shit,

no need to make a farce,

it’s got some real grit.

Full of explosions,

and some hardcore fighting,

or is it implosions?

Anyway there’s definitely igniting.


But the plot, the plot,

my kingdom for a plot!

Every show has tits and explosions,

it’s hard to name one that’s not!

It seems we’ve reached peak sexual saturation,

punctuated by shit blowing up,

leaving us in a state of constant titillation,

like a leg humping pup,

perpetually perched on the edge of masturbation.

and fighting against growing up.